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Our Mission

Bazar365 is not just an online grocery shopping platform; we are a dynamic force for positive change. Our purpose is to empower every individual to actively participate in the global movement to combat plastic waste, thereby contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 11, 12, and 13. Through innovative solutions, we aim to create a community of conscious consumers who not only shop responsibly but also embrace a lifestyle that harmonizes with nature. Our mission extends beyond convenience; it's about making eco-friendly living effortlessly easy and incredibly rewarding for everyone.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire a profound shift in consumer behavior, leading to a world where every choice matters and contributes to a healthier planet. Through our pioneering business model, we aspire to set new industry standards, redefining the relationship between consumers and their ecological footprint. We see a society where Sustainable Development Goals are not just lofty aspirations but lived realities. Our vision is to create resilient and sustainable urban areas, driven by communities that prioritize cleanliness, environmental consciousness, and responsible consumption. By taking bold steps to address plastic pollution at its core, we envision a world where individuals, united through Bazar365, become catalysts for climate action, fostering a planet that thrives through the collective power of responsible choices.

Our Achievement

IAA (International Advertising Association) Olive Crown Awards 2023 in the category “New Green Initiative”

Bazar365, the country's first green-tech-focused online grocery store recently received IAA (International Advertising Association) Olive Crown Awards 2023 in the category “New Green Initiative” on 5th April 2023.The Olive Crown Awards are the first and only awards of their kind in Asia for creative excellence in communicating sustainability also honor corporations and individuals who have made a significant contribution to a greener, cleaner planet.Bazar365 is overwhelmed with positive responses from its consumers, and the company believes its consumers have the magical power to save Mother Nature. By choosing sustainable grocery shopping, we all can create change and stop plastic pollution.

Bangabandhu Innovation Grant Big (2023)

Bazar365, the first eco-friendly grocery store in the country, has been recognized as one of the top 52 startups in the Bangabandhu Innovation Grant (BIG) competition in 2023. The competition, organized by the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Academy” Establishment Project and the "Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC)", aims to inspire young entrepreneurs and startups. Out of more than 7000 startups and innovators across Bangladesh, Bazar365 has emerged as one of the top 52.






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