Reward Redemption

Our Purpose - Why do we do what we do?

We are working with the sole purpose of creating an environmentally-friendly eco-system. We believe we are responsible for our own actions, especially if the consequences of our actions are beared by other living beings. This is essentially why we developed a system that allows you to be aware of the plastic you consume & provides you an opportunity to return the plastics you consumed, in order to be properly recycled. On top, you also get rewarded for your cautiousness in the form of reward points! Let us show you how the system works.

First, you get to see the plastics you have consumed while confirming your order. Upon purchasing, you get a notification saying that you'll get reward points if you return these plastics in your next purchases. For every gram of plastic you return to us, you will get 1 point! The Reward Points Mechanism is briefly explained below.

Reward Redemption

As mentioned earlier, for every gram of plastic you return you will get 1 point. For every thousand points accumulated, you get rewards in the form of discounts, premium offers & cash-back!

Please note, you will be entitled to reward points only for returning the plastics you have purchased from Bazar365 only.






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